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Listing: We review your listing agreement, make sure the correct exclusions and forms are included for your broker.

Listing Prep: We prepare and send all required disclosures out to Seller to complete and sign.

Pre-Sale Orders: We will open a pre-escrow, order Natural Hazard Disclosure and schedule any inspections.

Disclosures IO: We upload all completed disclosures and reports, making them available to review by prospective buyers.

Offer Acceptance: We review and process ratified contracts, open escrow and send out a Transaction Summary to all contract parties.

Timelines: We keep track of timelines regarding contingency removals, repair requests, and inspections.

Communication: We initiate correspondence and respond promptly to all parties (agents, title, lender) throughout the transaction to prepare for closing.

Closing: We work closely with Title & Escrow to make sure they have all they need to close on time!

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